Identify Your Brand with Company Logo Emblems!

Prudential Overall Supply can accommodate any business with our direct-purchase program designed to identify your business with creative decorating techniques utilizing direct embroidery, silk screen, or color print technology.

Personalize It!

Your Company logo expresses your team's unique identity, and directly contributes to your market success. Why limit its use to stationery and traditional uniforms? Prudential Overall Supply logo'd apparel helps you maximize your logo's reach by highlighting your identity at every opportunity.

Custom Logos and Name Emblems using Ink Jet or Direct Embroidery.

No Logo, No Problem!

Prudential Overall Supply's in-house art department can bring your current logo design to life, or can help you develop a logo that best represents your company's image.

Wrap Your Employees In Your Brand Identity.

From blue collar to white color to knits, your employees are all direct extensions of your company's brand.
Now they can look the part with appropriate logo apparel for any situation – including conventions or other special occasions. Whether they're in the office, at the counter or in the field, Prudential Overall Supply logo apparel will maximize your company's name and brand image!

Custom Embroidered Emblems

Give your brand a message of skill and professionalism with custom embroidered emblems . These machine embroidered emblems are made with 100% polyester Twill Fabric and 100% Polyester Embroidery Threads to ensure you receive the highest quality product on the market. With clean, sharp lettering and tight stitching, you can ensure that the details of your design or logo will be captured flawlessly.

Flame Resistant

Be confident in your choice of industrial flame resistant protection. Custom Flame Resistant FR Emblems add valuable seconds for escape to protect workers who are exposed to sparks or flames. They are manufactured using the same techniques as custom embroidered emblems but with the added protection of 100% Dupont Nomex® flame resistant fibers and a fire resistant backing, combining safety with identification for high risk settings. Flame Resistant Emblems feature merrow borders and a tough backing for heat seal or sew on application. These reusable embroidered emblems meet regulatory standards for safety apparel while standing up to industrial laundering for long-term performance. Use to enhance the personal protective equipment worn by workers in hazardous industries such as petrochemical and electrical.

NOMEX Technology

Nomex® is a patented flame resistant fiber used to make emblems and patches primarily for protective clothing worn by petrochemical workers, utility workers and firefighters. Durable and Long lasting. Flame Resistant Emblems retain their color fast.

Inkjet Emblems (Dye-Sublimation, ColorPrint™ )

Transform highly detailed designs into a full-color, photo-like patch! These patches add an excellent source of color to your uniform, jacket, hat or any other garment. Use dye sublimated patches and emblems for complex designs and small lettering. They are made using the sublimation process which involves special inks which are heat sealed permanently onto patch materials. Made with your choice of border, easily customize your sublimated patch for your exact needs. Dye sublimation patches are an excellent decoration for event or apparel needs. Discover the photo-quality difference!

Embroidered Edge Emblems

Embroidered Edge Emblems perfectly blend with a garment's fabric for a polished, professional image. This process uses a unique, color-matched mini border to meld the emblem's low-profile edge into the base garment.

Once heat sealed in place, the 100% polyester embroidered emblems appear as if they're part of the uniform itself. The subtle result looks and feels like direct embroidery, yet the durable emblems remain removable and reusable.

Any design can be custom cut to shape by hand or with a laser cutter for precise details.

Flex Emblems

Flex Patches create high resolution, fully customizable logos, badges and emblems to decorate a variety of different garments for a variety of different markets. Flexible Badges offer many unique finishes such as metallic or matte and are the perfect way to upgrade your brand's embellishment.

Flock Emblems

Flock is a innovative patch that utilizes polyester flock fibers that bond to ink for a permanent image. Graphics are fused to the patch so they will not wash or fade out over time. Flock is also available in a 3D version that incorporates a shimmering textured satin into the background to make your graphics pop. It uses the latest fluorescent ink technology to provide remarkable bright vivid colors. This product is offered with the choice of 3 adhesives: Hot Melt (super durable), Low Melt (for sensitive fabrics), and Cold Press (self-adhesive) for events and promotions.

Instructions and Additional Information:

- Do not wash for 24 hours after application and ensure press is at correct temperature.

- Pre-Production testing is strongly advised and is available upon request.

Trans Heat Transfers

Trans Digital Transfers are remarkable, on-demand, full color, digital transfers designed for small volumes and fast turnaround. We utilize the latest print technologies to produce bright, vivid colors and exceptionally fine detail. This product's versatile adhesive makes it suitable for a wide variety of fabrics and substances.
Trans Digital Transfers are only suitable for home laundry.

Woven Emblems and Labels

The densely packed woven fibers of Woven Emblems make it easy to recreate highly detailed logos and artwork while still capturing fine details and lettering. Made of 100% polyester materials, your design elements can be reproduced exactly, giving a similar effect to embroidery but with more detail and a smoother finish.

Direct Embroidery

Direct Embroidery is the process of utilizing an embroidery machine to stitch 100% polyester threads directly onto an accessory or garment. Made with extreme attention to detail and high-quality threads, Direct Embroidery is a professional and durable decoration solution for your brand. Directly Embroidery on Custom Hats, T-Shirts, Bags, Promotional Products and Uniforms. Prudential offers full customization and has the ability to recreate a variety of different designs with different sizes and shapes.

Screen Printing

Screen printing as one of the newest and best ways to get detailed imagery and logos directly onto garments. Screen Printing is layered ink onto a surface or garment by using stencil or screen. When printing we use different screens for every color applied, layer by layer, to create the depth and vibrancy of your logo!