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Manufactured by the most reliable names in medical apparel, our nursing scrub brands, healthcare scrubs, lab coats and healthcare accessories come in a variety of durable, washable fabrics and a range of colors to brighten up the medical setting. Every member of the medical team deserves affordable workwear that looks attractive, expresses who they are, and offers a comfortable fit.

When it comes to elevating your medical business's image, professionalism and consistency are two main factors. Supplying your staff with new and stylish uniforms will communicate their commitment to professionalism, as well as your own. It will also increase their comfort and confidence, both which they'll communicate to patients. The right uniforms will also increase visual consistency. This will make it much easier for patients to recognize which staff members they need, which can ultimately result in the receipt of quicker care.

This consistency will also benefit staff, who'll feel more team cohesion when all are dressed in matching uniforms.

Medical Scrubs for Women and Men

Prudential Overall Supply provides high-quality medical scrubs for sale to suit all types of individuals in the healthcare segment. Our medical scrubs are available in different sizes to meet the needs of your staff, and in a choice of colors. Prudential’s medical scrub sets for sale are intended to help you save money and find what you need for your facility—quickly.

Each scrub is made of a durable, antimicrobial material. Our products are also easy to clean, but we offer cleanroom and laundering services to help with that (contact us to learn more). Whether medical staff work in the most sterile environments or where exposure to infection is possible, our medical scrubs for men and women are designed to protect the wearer and ensure comfort throughout their shift.

A leading provider of workwear and protective clothing, Prudential Overall Supply also offers affordable scrubs for medical students. This ensures those who are learning on the job are properly equipped and protected. Worn by doctors, nurses, therapists, dentists, or other medical practitioners in healthcare environments, our scrubs are designed to the most stringent quality standards.