Hospitality Apparel

Prudential Overall Supply presents an extensive collection of fine quality hospitality apparel, suited to every workplace need in the hospitality industries. We are committed to offering the best performing hospitality garments at attractive prices. Each item reflects superior design and materials, attention to detail, and durability. Whether your need is for executive chef’s coats, housekeeping dresses, twill work pants, striped bib aprons, or military-grade insulated outerwear, our hospitality wear includes an exhaustive selection of beautifully styled, comfortable apparel. You’re sure to find men’s and women’s work attire in a range of vivid colors that carry out a restaurant theme, or classic, starched white to signify sophisticated reserve, with choice of long, short, or three-quarter sleeves. In addition to ensuring your staff looks great, high-quality hospitality garments help improve customer service and branding efforts. In the hospitality industry, the way your staff looks and performs can be the difference between winning repeat business and losing out to a competitor. Shop Prudential Overall Supply today to find the hospitality wear that will help take your business to the next level. If you have any questions about our products please contact us.




Service Shirts

Edwards Garment offers men's service shirts that are extremely comfortable and laundry friendly.




Edwards Garment offers a vast assortment of ties and scarves in solid colors and creative designs to complete the professional suit.


Front of House Aprons

Chef Works front of house aprons are made to endure the challenges of the job and still look great. These front of house aprons come in a variety of flattering styles and a multitude of rich colors and vibrant patterns to complement any décor. These front of house aprons are made from a sturdy polyester and cotton blend equipped with a soil release finish, so you can start each and every shift with a clean, crisp apron.