Browse through our comprehensive collection of protective clothing, accessories, footwear, and outerwear to piece together a functional, comfortable, and protective industrial sector uniform. Our industrial work wear is ideal for construction sites, painting, plumbing, and various other hazardous work environments. Choose from an assortment of ANSI high-visibility safety clothing and insulated outerwear, as well as bibs, coveralls, and aprons in a number of different fabrications to meet your needs. We only select brands with a reputation of assembling industrial apparel and accessories made from strong, durable materials for superb protection and long-lasting life, even in the most extreme working conditions. Browse our site for outside apparel, outside boots, work pants, work shirts, and more.

Construction Clothing

At Prudential Overall Supply, we offer all types of high-quality construction wear. We know there are specific standards and requirements as well as safety concerns on construction sites. It is critical to have the appropriate construction site safety clothing so all builders, carpenters, managers, inspectors, and other on-site personnel are adequately protected.
What Do Construction Workers Wear?

A wide range of personal protective equipment (PPE) is found in construction. The construction safety clothing PPE we provide includes:

  • Sun protection headwear
  • Hi-visibility workwear
  • Steel toe work boots
  • Protective masks
  • Chemical suits
  • Gloves
  • Bibs and coveralls

Why Wear Construction Safety Clothing

The purpose of safety gear is obvious. Construction workers are often at risk due to falling objects and the inherent dangers of operating or working near forklifts, cranes, and other types of equipment. Reflective and brightly colored clothing makes individuals visible in environments where their presence may be concealed. Safety wear greatly reduces the chances of construction workers being injured in accidents, allowing them to be more productive and for job sites and projects to be successful.

Work-related injuries, illnesses, and worse can have legal repercussions and have serious impacts on your business. Construction safety workwear helps create a safer environment where workers can feel more secure. It can therefore boost worker morale.

Purchase Construction Wear at Prudential Overall Supply

You’ll find the highest quality cheap construction work clothes in our catalog that keep workers safe and fit into your budget. We are committed to providing excellent service and ensuring safe, clean work environments in a number of industries. Order construction safety clothing online today or call 800-767-5536 for more information.